Jenna Carando

Tchotchkes Co

Tchotchkes Co is a collaborative body of hand-crafted work inspired by the unifying theme of exploration.


A hand-crafted collaboration.

In 2015, Stephanie Schlim, Danielle Medico and I dreamt up Tchotchkes Co, our ongoing collaborative body of work inspired by the theme of exploration. We collaborated on a cohesive collection of hand-crafted pieces. The work brings together both lettering and illustration, and each piece is made by hand. We're excited to share our passion for the outdoors and travel, working with our hands, and working together.

We curated our first show in September 2015. Together, we created the branding, promotional materials, giveaways for show attendees, and launched an etsy shop with prints and original pieces. Tchotchkes Co is on a temporary hiatus, but we hope to get back to making work together in the near future. 

Photo by Jessie Rogers

Photo by Jessie Rogers

Photo by Jessie Rogers