Jenna Carando

Go Ahead Tours Catalog

Redesigned travel catalog


A travel catalog, reimagined.

Three times a year, Go Ahead Tours puts out a catalog depicting all of their tours. There was an initiative to infuse more editorial content into the catalog featuring spotlights on the brand, the travelers, and the staff. 

During my time at Go Ahead Tours, I worked with the copywriting team to concept, propose, and execute this new format. I lead the visual evolution of the catalog, improving both the editorial content and the tour pages. We revisited the layout of the tour pages with the goal of making the content more scannable, digestible and enticing to travelers. 

I worked with the copy team to curate features, including insider tips and traveler quotes. Each regional editorial spread has a corresponding blog page with additional content for the reader to dive into. We wanted to create an immersive experience for our travelers beyond just showcasing our tours, allowing them to learn more about the regions we visit, the experience on a Go Ahead tour, and to connect with other travelers on social. 


Jessie Rogers
Courtney Taddonio
Laura Barber
Jamie Gallerani

Art direction and design

Jenna Carando

Creative Direction

Bryant Ross

Created while working as a part of the Brand Team at Go Ahead Tours.

Editorial spreads for each region filled with staff travel tips, traveler content, and fun facts. Our customers can access additional information pertaining to each country on the blog.

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Staff on tour feature

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All photos of the catalogs my own.